Pets and Patriots Foundation’s mission is train dogs to become PTSD service dogs for veterans. Some of our service dogs are former shelter dogs saved by a rescue group and donated to a veteran. By pairing carefully screened rescued dogs who receive specialized service dog training with a veteran battling PTSD, Pets and Patriots saves two lives – a rescued dog and a veteran who has served our country.  Some of the veterans we help approach us to request specialized training for a dog they already own.  Some of these dogs have been purchased or given to the veteran by a friend or family member in hopes of helping the veteran.  In many cases, these dogs are well-suited to training as a service dog because they have already formed a strong bond with their veteran, and have already started helping their veteran cope with PTSD while at home.  Our aim is to further their training so that these dogs can work as service dogs outside their veteran’s home.
In addition to the service dog program, Pets and Patriots also provides incentives to pet owners to seek spay/neuter services for their pets. By providing transportation to veterinary appointments, payment of program service copays, or gift cards to cover transportation costs, Pets and Patriots increases the number of pets being spayed/neutered and decreases the number of unwanted pets entering animal shelters.

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